Posted by: cmittermeier | July 15, 2016

Getting back in the game

This week I needed to get back into journalling, it was my main goal.  I was hopeful that it would also mean me staying on track, but I will have to happy with close to eating well.  

Life continues to be extremely stressful, as my husband put it just about any one of the things we are dealing with is serious and we have several.  I needed to spend almost two hours in the chapel, on top of morning daily mass to be able to get to the end of the day with peace.  It was truly a week of DAILY bread, because there was nothing left over to carry forward to the next morning. By Thursday I wasn’t able to last till dinner time – I was at the chapel by noon!

So yes, on a week where I was barely able to keep from flying off the handle, I’m quite glad my food journal was pretty close to what I wanted.  I won’t know what the scale says till Tuesday, but this is the measurable progress I wanted for this week: a journal to review, staying closer to ideal.

So where next week?  This week will be much more structured, so that should help with my goals.  Keep on journaling, and, it’s time to say goodbye to my daily granola bar.  I also need to grab some new ideas, raw veggies have hit the boredom zone.  I wish I could say this will be the week where we add in exercise, I’m not there yet.  Walking the dog around the block really doesn’t count… Stop, start, stop, start, and only one block because the dog is older. 

I will probably keep on doing daily adoration, just hoping I don’t need two hours of it!


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