Posted by: cmittermeier | August 6, 2016

Allergies, viruses, and a tired body

I am tired today, enjoying a day in bed with podcasts, documentaries, all that “I’m sick, just let me be stuff”.  This year I decided not to do allergy shots thinking I would be okay, boy was I wrong.  It has been much worse than I can remember in years.  The last month was much worse as I have an added pet load in the home coupled with a need for AC, shutting all those wonderful things in and circulating them around.  Last week I had a minor cold, just a slight fever for a day combined with a facet of yellow phlegm for a nose.  I had mostly recovered from that when yesterday I awoke to a sore throat, and now today I had the slight fever, stuffed sinus, and a marked drop in my energy level.  

I need to develop a plan, the allergens are not going away and their constant push will continue to drain my system leaving me open to more and more colds.  Now that the natural berry season is over, I’m less likely to be eating them.  Soon it will be orchard season, peaches and pears being my favourite August fruits.  I will have to check their vitamin c levels… But I suspect I will have to add a daily orange instead.  I will continue to have the salsa on my eggs in the morning, good immune helpers there, but, I should look into lowering my bread load a bit.  It causes a mild inflammatory response, and right now, a mild increase now means not just more phlegm, but I fear a touch of asthma.  I will add more mushrooms into my cooking, and onions, easy enough and they both lower the immune reaction.  It goes without saying that my sugar load needs to be tightly reigned in, and dairy is back to avoid at all costs.  Time to cook my eggs in olive oil again.

I have to thank God for this.  Yes, you read correctly, this is a blessing.

I have had a hard time dealing with the recent stress and my eating has been slipping.  I sat in the chapel last night and asked for some help, and being slightly sick is just what is needed.  As usual, God was working in this well before I realized it.  This is stuff that will require my whole summer to be more careful, how cool is that? A long term help!  Instead of me having to artificially narrow the path, he has been setting in place a naturally narrow path.

Yes, with God, slowly I am beginning to understand better that all things work for the good.  Even what would normally be annoying allergies and pesky colds.


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