Posted by: cmittermeier | August 7, 2016

Reconsecrating myself to Jesus through Mary

I am where I am because I was called to attach myself to Mary’s coat tails.  Yup, years ago when I first came back to the church I consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary and it’s been an amazing journey.  It has been said it is the fastest, surest route to Jesus and sainthood, and I have to agree.

In the years since then, I have redone the consecration several times, always using St. Louis de Montfort’s method.  Honestly, I don’t find it long or difficult, though I certainly did the first few times.  Back then saying a rosary seemed like the longest prayer in the world!  This time, however, I am using a different preparation.  It’s still 33 days, but, it’s a modern approach based on St. Louis’ work, as opposed to using his work directly.  It’s called 33 days to Morning Glory.

This fall, well, it seems like there is a lot on the plate between homeschooling, family, and my own personal health.  I need something extra to make sure I stay close to God, there will be a lot to distract me.  When a friend at church suggested doing the consecration by this method, I was honoured and excited!  I have heard bits about it, even known a few friends who have followed the Morning Glory method and I am eager to do this.

There is one problem… I am to ponder the short passage and prayer throughout the day.  Uh, I have ADHD and keeping something in my mind that doesn’t naturally stick in it could be a problem.  Not that I can’t ponder – I do that all the time – just not on stuff suggested by others.  This is going to be interesting!

My aim is to get closer to God.  As silly as it sounds, I miss Him.  I want to spend more time with Him, get to know him better, in new ways.  Yes, I know that the closer I get to him my own resilience will improve, but as a by-product.  Yes, He knows my health is in my prayers, along with prayers for the health of many other family members.  But, this retreat is less about my health than it is about understanding something new about God and our relationship.  
So often in life our relationships hit a plateau, we think we know everything there is about a friend or relative.  The stories have all been told, there just doesn’t seem anything else to say.  Till the road twists, just that little bit.  I’m doing this retreat knowing there will be many twists, many knew understandings (some I’ve probably known and forgotten).  Of course it will help with everything else in my life, that’s how God is.  The closer you are to Him, the more you follow His will instead of your own, the greater the peace.  But, those things aren’t the goal but the by product as I said above.  I want to rediscover my God.  He’s kind of infinite, it won’t be hard to find new angles!

If you haven’t considered consecrating yourself to Jesus, I urge you to look into it.  There are many consecrations, to the sacred heart, to his divine mercy, to Jesus through st. Joseph, to Jesus through Mary, and a variety of ways to do each of those I’m sure.  I already know of several ways to consecrate to Jesus through Mary… There has to be one for each of us, our God is too personal to leave one of us out.  Search for your way, it will be there.  Getting closer to God can only help.


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