Posted by: cmittermeier | December 12, 2016

Your Grace is Sufficient

Last week I kept being faced with a big thought: to doubt that God’s grace is sufficient means I am doubting God. Oh yes, I can get away with saying, “I can’t do it”, but for me to say, “God you can’t get me past this craving, I am doomed to eat this cookie” is, well, a heresy.  It was a real shock to the system, and for many days I was totally able to stand in front of a cookie jar and walk away everytime. Yes folks, I had readily available junk and walked away.

That is, when I paused to lean on God.

The last three days started with what I can only describe as reflexive eating.  I was in a rush, I had to get some cookies baked for a fundraiser that night and I was hungry.  A single taste turned into… many more.  The next day, something similar happened, but it wasn’t started quite the same way, but with another emotional trigger. Today, yet another trigger… all were in the rush of the moment.  

Knowing there are so many weak spots is a bit disheartening, but it isn’t defeating. The common factor was the rush of the moment. Why am I not surprised that in my last confession the priest told me I had to look into ejaculatory prayers – the quick shoot from the hip ones, especially those that have some indulgence attached to them.  That was a few days before the big rush… and yes, I’m only putting this together now.  

So, I’ve got some work to do.  I have to PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! I don’t mean during the moment, I mean, at all other moments so when the rush comes, it is an automatic reflex to call upon my Lord.  There are many prayers, but I will try “Heart if Jesus, I trust in thee” as well as being open to other prayers the spirit wishes. I happily suggest  reviewing the many lists to see if any jump out at you, I think it’s an awesome idea in any circumstance to practice raising our minds to heaven.


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