Posted by: cmittermeier | December 29, 2016

The pain of a budget is the better pain to choose

It has been a few days since I have been trying to get back on regular eating, and today as a friend looks at her years budget review I decided to look at my eating that way, too.  I have tones of choices in food, and just like a budget if I over do it in one area, it’s got to come from somewhere else.  And… just like a budget, when you get right down to it, the main culprit is that we often want to live outside our means.

It is a painful fact of life, we often want something that logically makes no sense to want. Smokers want cigarettes. I want cookies. In our own budget, oh how many nights I wish I didn’t have to cook! In any area of life, we do not have to look far to see we do not want the hard path, and we do a lot to justify going out of bounds to get it.

The struggle of wanting something we must say no to is part of our cross, but far too often we trade it for a more difficult cross.  My cross involves the mental wrestling I will go through as I stop eating cookies and night time munchies. It does not need to involve the physical pains of being over weight. That comes when I avoid the pain of saying no.  There is a big distinction! I must live with one cross, avoiding it adds a weightier, more difficult cross.  

Think of it this way… back to the budget analogy.  Sometimes I don’t want to cook dinner. Sometimes, I don’t even want to plan ahead with my flyers to make sure I get the cheaper prices.  When I avoid those crosses, I am deciding to spend more money than necessary. That money has to come from somewhere. Now, I’ve changed the cross of making dinner in to a much  weightier cross – debt. See it?

It is not hard to find the image of a person trying to trade crosses, only to reach a gorge he cannot cross with his short cross. We all know sermons where the priest reminds us that other people’s crosses only look easier. What I have written has been said many times before, far more eloquently.  As difficult as the cross of food temptation is, trying to avoiding it only gives you something worse.  If we stick with the cross he intends, he promises his Grace with be sufficient. So tonight, when the desire for dessert and comfort comes, I shall find someway to lean on his grace. I pray you be able to do the same.


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