Posted by: cmittermeier | January 2, 2017

Living with a hole in our hearts

Today as I walked the last daily rosary walk with my husband before he goes back to work, in the back of my brain St. Augustine’s words floating through my mind.

You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, untill they can rest in you.

We are doing a rosary novena so the first time the quote came to mind was as we started the scourging at the pillar.  Anyone with a chronic sin knows there is no single scourging, and as I come away from the holiday foods and not so great eating routines I knew part of my eating was to fill an emotional gap that I’ve seen many times before.  I don’t know why all us newbies feel that once we’ve found God that gap will never come back, but we do.  

One of the resources I use is a website called, and they have a 31 day challenge going on. True to their mandate, it has challenges in not just exercise, and food, but FAITH. Today was a bible verse and as I realized I was not “resting my heart in God”, I realized I needed more than just a verse.

I need to find a bible study.  

This week I will review some of my options, but if you have any suggestions please pass them along.


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