Posted by: cmittermeier | May 28, 2017

It starts with a salad

I promise to write soon about my wonderfully broken ankle, but for now, just know I’m at week seven of twelve non-weight bearing, to be followed by four weeks walking in a cast, and then six months to a year of recovery… and that when they say, “do not exit a moving vehicle till it comes to a full and complete stop” it includes bicycles! With the context partially set, let’s add in my son’s confirmation party yesterday. Never before have I hosted an event where I did not prepare most of the food from scratch, but this one came out of bags, boxes, and plastic trays. We have left over cake, Doritos, snack mix and of course the good stuff – leaf salad, veggie tray fixings, hummus, a well made potatoe salad. That is the context I write this: hopping, tired, healing, surrounded by crap, and of course the “option of eating healthy”.

Lunch ended with cake and a snippet of ice cream. To which I added a second slice when my son took his, and, sigh, a third. It was a super sugary cake (Carmel topped). I went upstairs and quietly prayed for help.  I told a friend to pray for me.  I knew I was in way over my head.

Eventually, as dinner time neared (we have been eating later and later as we tried to get everything done), a thought popped into my head and I told my husband, “I’d like tuna for dinner, a simple tuna sandwich.” He was surprised to find a can and so he began to fix a single sided tuna melt for me.  I took out some raw veggies from the tray and sighed as I tried a carrot or two, then out of the blue I tell my younger son, “bring me the big bowl of leaf salad,” to which he then instructs his brother to get out the bowls for us all.  I portion out a salad for myself and I can feel that God is with me, problem is, just looking at the salad has me wanting to gag.  Ugh! Salad! The words, “I made these foods for you, they will help clean you out,” gently run through my brain.  I know I must do this, and I know I’d rather not.  I look at the contents and I have to agree, it will be good for my body, lots of good stuff in there.  

And so I ate the salad.

It won’t surprise anyone that it was hard but doable. At the end of the meal I had the grace to resist the cake. Not only that, but I made sure the cake was returned to the freezer instead of left directly in my line of sight.  I portioned out a salad for my husband and myself and stored properly the rest, tomorrow’s lunch and that step in recovery is set.  And now I must get to my rosary and a bit of bible reading. Might I suggest them to you?


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