Posted by: cmittermeier | June 1, 2017

Following God’s path

I got a reminder yesterday, one worth passing along because I think we all often forget it. So many times in our life when faced with difficulties, we want God to take care of it all. Prayers like, “God, I am overweight, wake me up in that glorious body you created me for” – instead of, “God, I know there is an exercise plan and everyday eating strategy that will help me honour the body you gave me, help me to follow the path you laid out for me”. 

When we pray, we forget that petition prayer is about finding the next step in our life journey, not a teleporter to the end.  Yes, God has a path to get us to that end, but it involves us doing stuff to get there.  The balance point is neither extreme, not the new age, “you can do anything, just believe in yourself”, nor the “God will take care of that”.  So today, when faced with that impossible hurdle, remember when speaking of salvation that Jesus did not say God does it all, the text in my bible for Matthew 19:25-26 is that WITH God all things are possible. WITH, definition curtesy Miriam Webster, “used to say that two or more people or things are doing something together or are involved in something”  indicates that we must be part of this.

So, after you pray, let’s start looking at what it is we are supposed to do… 


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