Posted by: cmittermeier | June 5, 2017

the daily struggle: doing what you can

Today I woke up super tired, and an hour past my alarm.  My strength is less, and muscles ache as if I’d been working them to the limits (which I have not been).  Mentally, its not much better, but I had planned out in detail what I was to do for school so we muddled our way through it.  I still have to do some form of exercise and a few more prayers, my day is far from over…

Today is not the day where I was able to do the 40 minute chair dance program while the boys did independent work, and as I look forward I know my energy is so low I will focus on a 28 minute program and likely at a slower pace. Its what I can do today.  I’m not giving up.  I’m not giving in to the struggle.  I’m doing what I can.  In other words, I’m not the big stem day, but the barely noticed tiny vein in the leaf.

Those little veins are important.  In my world, I’m exercising not just those achy muscles, but the muscles of disciple.  During the weekdays my end goal is daily exercise video (to eventually be replaced by long fast paced walks once my cast is gone).  Daily discipline is my inner leaf, its where the chloroplasts make the sugars that are collected and sent to other parts of the tree. That is what I’m tapping into right now. I have to get something in today.


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