Posted by: cmittermeier | June 11, 2017

Ah… confession

I did not start scarfing down mountains of food on Friday at three. I did not eat as we watched TV on Saturday. Today, I ate a tomatoes at breakfast, and another one at lunch! I cannot wait for weekday mass this week! Pray, pray, pray that my driver stays well and we get there both TUesday and Thursday because the internal drought is such an ache.

I had promised myself on Friday that at three I would pray and specific prayer, unrelated to the issues with food. After being interrupted half way through because we had to get dinner going (to leave for an event), something wonderful happened. Not just the fact that it felt good to know I would be filled up properly with veggies and fish so my cravings wouldn’t be an issue, but something extra! Someone had taken the cheesecake out of the freezer and left it out downstairs, my husband found it and was dumping it out as I was preparing a healthy dinner. I looked at my prayer beads and realized the big guy was doing something.  It was time for me to get properly on board.

On Saturday I made an effort to get to confession, and in the words of my driver, I became a little bubbly. It felt so incredibly good to tell my Lord how sorry I was for not just the gluttony but how when I was worn out and turning to food I wasn’t thinking of him. Like, at all.  You’d think in the roughest patch is when you’d turn to God, but I wasn’t! Nope, after the deed was done I would cry out for help, but in the midst of things I was just trying to get through by eating. Near the end of my confession, I kid you not, it was as if God was hugging me.  

He just wants to help us, he really does

Though today has had a few dips of my blood sugar, I’ve always had healthy, tasty food to run to. Breakfast was later, not surprising I was a bit low – and boy did that tomatoes look mouth watering! At lunch I made one of those fancy open faced sandwiches you see… toasted bread, mayonnaise, thin sliced chicken breasts, tomatoes with sprinkled gently with melted mozzarella. Wow! We will have a salad with dinner, which is more veggies than I’ve eaten in many a day.  It just tastes so good!

Ah. The power of a good confession. Thank you God.


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