Posted by: cmittermeier | August 21, 2017

Learning… a lifelong endeavour 

A while ago while chatting with a friend who is also working to loose weight with God, she mentioned a new situation she had been in and how it had been a challenge. Without thinking, the word learning came out of me… we are learning a whole new lifestyle… and I knew I had to write on it.  If you, like me, are working on loosing weight from a Godly perspective, chances are we are trying to create a new life – to ingrain new habits, new ways of being. We are learning.

Learning is sometimes easy, sometimes not so… and how you viewed school will decide if this post helps or hurts.  If you viewed school as do or die… don’t go here! If school was, as it should be, a learning experience where failure was part of the journey, then read on!

I was exposed to something beautiful as a university student: The best scientists, mathematicians were all ready for failures and expected them as part of their craft.  I’m sure if I’d been in the liberal arts I would have been told the same thing, but I was math and physics geek.  Those who push boundaries consider failures as part of learning. We need to as well. Romans 12:2 keeps being whispered to me, and it speaks on changing our thoughts.  Often times, just by changing out thoughts from do or die, to learning is all we need to do to face the next hurdle well.

The next few weeks are going to be hard for me, insert your “high stress event here” folks! I would love to numb myself with food, oh how I would! Unlike my friend who encountered a new situation, I’ve been in a few stressful situations before. I could draw out for myself a road map of the temptations ahead. This is where I have to put my learning to good use. This is where I work in changing my thoughts first.  It’s time to review old data and prepare! My thoughts are not dim and worried. I am not all or nothing, I am going from one Our Father to the next, ie, one day at a time. Here is some of my daily plan…

  • I will not buy more ice cream, or cookies. 
  •  I will not allow any treats in the house, because past experience has taught me that I won’t have control. End of statement.  
  • I know I will have to force myself to eat veggies, even though I won’t want to.  
  • More important, I need to find more time for God. No excuses, daily reflections are a must. 
  • Getting to daily mass twice a week, also a must.  
  • Getting moving is also one of those things I’m just going to have to force myself to do.  

The last few are stress relievers, the first few are setting the environment for success.  I have “learned” some general strategies that work for me, and every time I am back in stress filled times I do my best to use what works and listen for any new ones God will teach me. Small daily walks is a new one, just so you know.
But what about my friend, who found herself Ina new situation? LISTEN! There will be specifics and general lessons. Some problems she will find easy to solve, others…. not so easy. And that’s okay, because like any good scientist, a negative result is still a result. It is data that will help fill in the bigger picture, nothing is wasted with God. Remember to offer up the challenge gone wrong or right, and ponder it so you can discern what God would point out to learn from. Then, remind yourself, you are the student, not the master… we are all here to learn.


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