Posted by: cmittermeier | December 8, 2017

Day One … this is going to be a long journey back

Ever been on one of those day hikes where your gear gets so heavy you wish you could just drop everything, you’re are hoping the end of the trail is near only to hear the guide proclaim, “Just another xyz and we’re at the half way mark!”?

Today is a bit like that. I decided last night to follow the whispered voice and head back to eating properly, and in all honesty I feel like the storm trooper my son set up in our garden… stuck in a wooded area with a tonne of gear that does not seem to be part of my mission, a helmet that seems to obscure my vision more than help, and lots of interesting plants that are all larger than life.

It is 6:19 as I type this, we are about to head out for formation and prayer that often has some goodies after. Not surprisingly, I’m hungry… yet I’ve eaten everything for the day. All day long my schedule seemed to have the wrong gear for the task at hand, and I can’t prepare well for the prayer meeting possibilities. Before I gained back the weight, these meetings were never a problem for me. I have a long way to get back there.

Yet, even though my gear is heavy and my vision obscured, there has been a lot of interesting parts to the day. Enough to distract me so far, and I have to trust that God will continue to provide “interesting, larger than life” bits to get me through the end of my first day. So I am off to my prayer meeting, with the hope that Day two will be a little easier. God Bless!


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