About Me…

This is a personal blog about my struggle with my health.  I am a practising Catholic, in the Roman rite, a mother, a wife, a volunteer, a …. and the list goes on.

I was inspired by the work of  “The Healthy Catholic” at SQPN.COM to write this blog, and enjoy many other blogs such as Catholic Spiritual Direction, From the Pews, CatholicMom and many others.

I am looking forward to the development of guidelines for bloggers from the Vatican, but in the mean time if I screw up please let me know so I can correct myself.

For those readers who do not have issues with their physical health, I hope that the reflections and ideas can apply to any problem area.  Whether your sin be addictions to A, B or C, turning to anything other than God is exactly that – turning to something other than what we are made for.  Though yes, those of us who sin with food and abuse our bodies for the sensual pleasure of “rest” instead of the hard work of exercise are more obvious, we are all sinners.  We all have our false idols, some are just less obvious.

My favourite line in scripture has always been Matthew 6:33 – Seek ye first the kingdom of God.



  1. Mittermeier is a blog written by a catholic woman seeking to improve her health. Posts on her health journey are interspersed with posts on her spiritual journey.

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award in appreciation of what you share on your blog. If you would like to accept this nomination, there are a few things to do which will enable you to post the button on your blog. Please read my post to find out what they are: http://nuggetsofhealth.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/an-honour-accepted/

    • I’m super swamped for the next few days, getting ready for Advent and things organized for my Mom’s group. I will look over this and get back to you – thanks for thinking of me!

  3. So…I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 😉

    Expect the trackback later today, God-Willing ♥

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