Sample Chapters

Here are a few chapters from the first book I’d like published.

The first chapter, I really want to know if it hooks you or not…

Here’s something from the middle, its more a sub-plot…

Finally, the end of that sub-plot.



  1. I’m just beginning this journey of physical fitness, spiritual practice, and healthy eating. My doc wants me to loose 45lbs. So do I. I’m using a Fitbit to help me track in and out. Just began bun weeding our church flower beds (2 hrs) and have another 4 hours to go😎.
    What books would you recommend for making a good confession? I’ve never done it before and am soon to do so. Thanks for your help and encouragement. Keep on the way!

    • Hey there! Truthfully, I have yet to find a great one stop confession resource. Fr. Mitch Pacwa has one that my husband (a convert) used to learn more about the sacrament, it is called “Go in Peace”. I have found internet searches on examination of conscience quite helpful, for teens especially Lifeteen(a catholic ministry common in the US and Canada for youth groups) has a good one. The best is to find a priest and work with them, they have heard thousands and can help guide someone through based on the place where they are.

      I love that you have a Fitbit, tech is so much fun! Keep your goals action based, not result based and you’ll find progress. I love gardens, and gardening is a great way to keep active while reminding us of all those muscles we don’t use enough. Send a pic when it’s done!

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