I write, hmm, guess that shouldn’t surprise people reading this! About 7 years ago I started writing down the stories that whirled through my head. Sometimes it was therapy, other times it was fun, even rarer, it was inspired. When out of you comes nearly twice as many words as the average book, you start to wonder… is this just therapy? Can this just be for fun? What am I to do with this???

So for better or for worse, I will try and get it published. I’m old, I am not ready for on-line self publishing. I’m going the old fashioned route, trying to find an agent and then an editor. I know the first book is too long, so while I wait for a query letter to catch someone’s eye, I will work on shortening it. There is a difference between enjoying the story that wafts through ones head and a book. A book requires plot, development, fun stuff like foreshadowing… enjoying scenes of people talking in your head, well that only sometimes fits the bill. I know there are many sections of the book that are just me enjoying the skits my characters played out in my brain.

I will post here a sample chapter of the book, it is from about a third of the way through the book.  You will have to live with the fact that the father and the son have similar names… always focus on the end of the name, it gives you the rank.  The beginning is an ancient root and is a characteristic of the person – TAR means strong.  Like most traits, they can be good or bad, strong willed or pig headed both fit the root Tar.



  1. HOW COOL… Author Lady. Bridgette

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